1. Customer Check-in

On the Customer check-in screen, the customer will need to identify if they are an existing customer or a new customer.

1.1. Existing customers

Existing customers are the ones who have previously been checked-in or had services at the salon.

Existing customers only need to enter their last 4 digits of their phone number in order to check in for the online appointments that they booked OR to book an in-store appointment.

1.2. Check-in Appointment Online

Customers only need to enter their last 4 digits of their phone number in order to check in for the online appointments that they booked.

1.3. New customers

New customers are the ones who have never been to the salon before.

New customers can fill out their First name, Last name, & Phone number to sign up.
Then, they can start booking services at the salon.

2. POS System Help

2.1. Check-in and Checkout

2.1.1. Check-in instore

2.1.2. Checkout and Print Ticket

2.1.3. Combine tickets at Checkout

Click on a ticket that you want to check out, then click Check out

At Checkout page, select COMBINE TICKET (you can combine as many tickets as you want)

Select ticket(s) that you want to combine

- Select PAY ONLY if services are still performing

- Select CHECK OUT when services are done completely

2.1.4. Auto Checkout

2.2. Appointment

2.2.1. Create an appointment in-store

Option 1: Click the + icon on the right to create a new appointment.

Option 2: Select by employee and employee's available time slot, by checking the box of the employee's working hours you want to select. Select the box.

Finally, fill in the information and click Save.

2.2.2. Reschedule appointment

You can click on an appt to change Date and Time

2.2.3. Cancel an appointment

Click on an appt that you want to cancel -> click Cancel Appt -> click OK

2.2.4. Undo a canceled appointment

Canceled Appointment will be saved in the Cancel Appointment section, select Undo Appointment to restore the canceled Appointment.

Note: The appointments may overlap.

2.2.5. View details Appointment Checkin, Add Notes

2.2.6. Add service when checked in

2.2.7. Delete checked-in appointments

2.3. eGift System

2.3.1. eGift design

  • 1. Click Create New eGift Design.
  • 2. Click template, position, values and click Save.

2.3.2. Create new eGift order

  • 1. Click Create New eGift Order.
  • 2. Chooses a template and fill out all required information.
  • 3. Click Create.

2.3.3. Update eGift

  • 1. Click icon edit.
  • 2. Update Balance eGift and click Update.
  • 3. Click icon history, so see balance history.

2.3.4. Delete eGift

Click icon delete and click OK.

2.3.5. Setting eGift

  • 1. Click eGift Settings.
  • 2. Click Yes and select expiration date.
  • 3. Enter tax if any.
  • 4. Click Save.

2.4. Staff

2.3.1. Login/out for staff

2.3.2. Add a staff

2.3.3. Edit a staff

2.3.4. Delete a staff

2.3.5. Turn off a staff

2.3.6. Salary

2.5. Client

2.5.1. Add a client

2.5.2. Edit a client

2.5.3. Delete a client

2.5.4. Setup member ranking program

2.6. Services/Product

2.6.1. Add a category

2.6.2. Add a service

2.6.3. Edit a service

2.5.4. Change position/disable a service

2.7. Image Libary

2.7.1. Add a image

2.7.2. Add a libary

2.8. Marketing

2.8.1. Send a email marketing

2.8.2. Send a email birthday

2.9. Reward Program

2.9.1. Setting reward program

2.9.2. Edit reward point

2.10. Report

2.10.1. Sales report

2.10.2. Staff report

2.11. Notification Setup

2.11.1. Set up notification preferences

The Free Time POS system allows you to set up 1 email and up to 5 phone numbers to receive notifications from the Appointment Online and eGift System.

2.11.2. Add phone number